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TMV - Ground Breaking All-Terrain Mobility

Designing a vehicle to move signifcant payload across extreme terrain, safely, at good speed and without injuring vehicle passengers or damaging precious cargo is a major undertaking.  Keeping the system affordable adds another challenging dimension.

TMV set out to meet that challenge head on.  The result - a modular, extreme terrain vehicle available in variants ranging from 5.5 tonnes GVW to 17 tonnes GVW with payloads ranging from 2 tonnes to 9 tonnes.


TMV - Driven to Succeed

We believe it's extremely important that our customers know who we are, what we do and what makes us tick.

At TMV we're a tightly-knit team of all-terrain mobility experts, engineers, designers and craftsmen with a vast collective experience of vehicle design, production and, crucially, the employment of all-terrain vehicles. 

The TMV design and development team comprises some of the very best and most experienced designers and engineers in the business. Between us we've designed and developed some of the most revolutionary all-terrain vehicles of the past two decades, principally across the defence sector, where standards are at their most extreme.  From across the specialist automotive industry and the user community we've come together to pool our collective knowledge and experise to design, prototype and build a new generation of extreme vehicles.  

Throughout TMV's history, the philosophy has always been to maintain and strengthen relationships with our stake holders; our professional partners our suppliers and of course, our customers. In whatever capacity you do business with us, you can rest assured that you will always receive our personal attention in strictest confidence.

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