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Flexible Options to Suit Unique Requirements

TMV can supply either a full 'turn-key' vehicle designed to the customer's specification or, alternatively, we can provide a fully operational based chassis cowl, complete with full drive train, suspension and steering ready to accept a customer's own cab and special body.

  • Option 1 - Fully integrated, operational chassis with engine, drive-train, suspension and basic driver controls - Ready for 3rd Party integrator to design / build specialist body and cab complete. 
  • Option 2 - Fully integrated, operational chassis - as above but with additional, fully fitted and equipped TMV cab for 3 or 6 personnel - Ready for 3rd party integrator to build special body.
  • Option 3 - As per Opton 2 but fitted with OVIK CAMELEON Gen 2 De-mount system ready to receive a range of specialist de-mountable body modules to customer specification.
  • Option 4 - As per Option 2 but fitted with a TMV supplied special body to meet customer requirements.

The system incorporates a power plant of the customer's choice, a complete drive train, including all transmission elements, the unique multi-axle steer system, including patented fail-safe hydraulic steering and the associated electronic architecture and software necessary to give TMV platforms their unique all terrain mobility, payload capacity and incredible steering agility.

The unique multi-axle steer system gives unmatched manoeuvrability. With front and centre axle steering as standard plus selectable rear axle steer the TMV driver has the ability to reduce the platform's turning circle buy as much as 33% at low manoeuvre speeds. According to customer choice, side-ways or 'crab' steering options can also be added.


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