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TMV Reveal Heavy Duty Demonstrator

As part of the on-going development of the STRIVE© Chassis System TMV's research and development team produced a heavy duty prototype vehicle - designed to prove the STRIVE© system within the 10 tonne GVW weight category.

The Heavy Duty Demonstrator - HDD (seen in these images) is based upon a STRIVE© 3 axle system with each axle rated at 3.5 tonnes GVW giving the HDD a max GVW of 10,500kg. The purpose of the vehicle was to prove the STRIVE© axle system at the 3.5 tonnes max GVW level prior to refining the final design and packaging of the individual axle / steer system into a modular chassis segment.

The HDD has proved fundamental in shaping the basis of the STRIVE© drive-line development and in particular the modular STRIVE© chassis system axle and steer segment which forms part of the overall STRIVE© chassis.

Whilst not necessarily designed as a production variant, the HDD vehicle was bodied in defence guise - demonstrating aptly how a vehicle, based upon a TMV 10.5 STRIVE© 3 axle chassis system could carry significant armoured and blast protection whilst retaining a very significant operational payload.



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