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TMV in the Defence Arena

The Defence Arena presents one of the most challenging opportunities for TMV.  Over the decades, the perennial need for all-terrain mobility within a defence context has spawned all manner of vehicles characterised by mobility, protection, payload and durability. TMV has set out to develop a range of vehicles designed to appeal to the defence customer.  Strategic, operational and tactical mobility, combined with excellent payload capacity, ease of maintenance, modular flexibility and affordability combine to create a range of platforms eminently suitable for broad defence application.



TMV Out and About in the Global Defence Arena

From its inception TMV has been developed with the defence sector in mind. Although the chassis system hasn't been developed specifically for the defence arena, its potential for a range of military applications is clear.

The system is characterised by significant 'stretch' potential, with enough payload and power budget to allow for integration of armour and blast protection whilst maintaining effective payload capability.

The TMV team has worked hard to expose the TMV vehicle at some of the most important defence sector shows; from DSEi to DVD, LIBDEX and IDEX in the UAE - TMV has been exposed to a wide range of potential defence customers with a very encouraging response.  Expose has generated a great deal of interest from a very broad defence cutsomer base.

TMV at the UK International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) Coneference - 2010.

TMV made a big splash at the IQPC - IAV Coneference at the EXCeL Conference Centre in London's Docklands.  Demonstrating the standard utility variant the team were inundated with interest from across defence and industry - the 6x6 drive and steer concept certainly making a big impact upon the delegates and attendees.

TMV On Show at the UK MOD's Annual DVD Show - June 2010

TMV rolled out their Heavy Duty Demonstrator (HDD) vehicle at the Defence Vehicles Dynamics show at Millbrook, Bedfordshire in June 2010.  This was the first exposure of the HDD chassis system, designed to prove the 3.5 tonne axle configuration.

Dressed in the special forces, heavily armoured and blast protected, modular body system by PLASAN - the HDD cut a swathe at the show as it was put through its paces acround the Millbrook off-road test area.


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